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ALR391 – Guns and Mental Health

This week Lloyd discusses the case of the Michigan mother who is facing involuntary manslaughter charges for allowing her mentally ill son access to a firearm (a firearm he subsequently used to kill three students with). Sometimes our responsibility as parents and spouses is to protect our loved ones from…

Episode 386 – The Final Variety Show of 2023 (Full Version)

This week is our final variety show of 2023. Mia shares some inspirations, Pastor Bennett is looking forward to Christmas as we move through the season of Advent, and Lloyd fisks an opinion piece from This is a full-length version of this episode, with over an hour of additional…

ALR386 – The Final Variety Show of 2023

This week is our final variety show of 2023. Mia shares some inspirations, Pastor Bennett is looking forward to Christmas as we move through the season of Advent, and Lloyd fisks an opinion piece from

ALR367 – Guns, Politics, and Pandering

President Biden called for tougher gun control measures following a 4th of July holiday marred by violence. Lloyd looks at the sad political truth behind the cynical call for more gun control, as politicians continue to do nothing about the actual problem: criminals.

ALR364 – He’s Baaaack!

Lloyd is back! Recovered from the crud and commenting on the emotionally charged headlines of the day. Trump Derangement Syndrome, the horror of supermajorities, the excesses of the trans movement, crime and gun control.

ALR359 – A Special Kind of Stupid

This week Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are fisking the inane ramblings of an anti-gun pastor from Chattanooga, TN, and his flawed logic and even more flawed theology in the wake of the Covenant Christian Academy shooting.

ALR356 – Not One, But Many

New polling shows Americans no longer value the things that used to hold us together as a nation — patriotism, hard work, family, religion. We no longer agree even on basic biological truths. Is it time to accept that we are no longer the “United” States?

ALR333 – Rejecting the Social Gospel

In today’s commentary, Lloyd reviews an article from the Religion News Service which tries to explain why it is that attending church more regularly might lead you to reject the “social gospel.”

ALR323 – Fear Itself

This week Lloyd is flying solo, discussing the fear that drives voters to support illogical and dangerous agendas (climate change, gun control, lockdowns, etc.) and how politicians, activists, and the media prey on that fear to achieve their goals.

ALR318 – Contradictions, Social Media, and Standing for Truth

In today’s episode, Lloyd comments on the contradictions in the Leftist responses to this week’s events, Mia shares thoughts on social media safety, and Pastor Bennett is back from the recent district LCMS convention with thoughts about standing up for the truth.

ALR315 – Parkland to Uvalde: No Lessons Learned

In this week’s “Clinging to God & Guns” show, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the pointless proposals that President Biden, Democrats, and the media have been pushing since the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Next week, in Part 2, we will discuss the “why” and offer solutions that nobody in…

Episode 301 – Bounties, Beto, and Buying Guns

In this week’s Reformation Gun Club exclusive, Lloyd reacts to three gun-related stories from Slate, Mediaite, and MSN. Libs are concerned that fighting the Texas abortion law may undermine frivolous lawsuits, Beto O’Rourke is back and he wants to defend the 2nd Amendment, and gun sales fell off a cliff…

ALR289 – It’s Not About Sensitive Places

On November 3, 2021, the Supreme Court heard arguments in New York Rifle & Pistol Association vs. Bruen — a case that could make “shall issue” the law of the land around the nation. In this episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review a hysterical amicus brief, filed by a group…

ALR272 – Who Wants a Nuke?

This week Lloyd is flying solo with a rant about the latest craziness in the news and tries in vain to put the best construction on the border crisis, crime, critical race theory, and gun control.