Clinging to God & Guns #58

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we take a look at maybe the goofiest interpretation of Scripture to date. A California Quaker who suggests that Christ’s call for His disciples to buy swords in Luke 22 was so that he could fulfill the prophesy to be…

ALR Episode 356 – Not One, But Many

New polling shows Americans no longer value the things that used to hold us together as a nation — patriotism, hard work, family, religion. We no longer agree even on basic biological truths. Is it time to accept that we are no longer the “United” States?

Clinging to God & Guns #130

Pastor Bennett and Lloyd are looking at a smug Marcionite who hates the Biblical Story of the flood because our world is already too violent with all the school shootings so we don’t need stories about God being violent.

ALR Episode 355 – March Online Hangout

In this week’s episode we are hanging out with members of the Reformation Gun Club, including Dan Rushing, William Swenson, Donny and Peter Ross, Stuart Burt, Justin Hover, David Scott, Curtis Heidel, and Scott Van Dorsten.

ALR Episode 353 – Drag Queens of the Gun World

In this week’s episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review a 2014 video that resurfaced on Facebook this week. The video — presented as an example of tyrannical cops hassling a law-abiding gun owner — we find exactly the opposite. A guy who is supposed to be on our side, who…