ALR Episode 376 – Sad Examples of Self-Defense

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are reviewing some self-defense stories from around the nation to see what important lessons we can learn. From defense of your own property, defending other people’s property, and shooting with your eyes closed, there’s a lot to un-pack.

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ALR Episode 367 – Guns, Politics, and Pandering

President Biden called for tougher gun control measures following a 4th of July holiday marred by violence. Lloyd looks at the sad political truth behind the cynical call for more gun control, as politicians continue to do nothing about the actual problem: criminals.

ALR Episode 366 – June 2023 Online Hangout

In this week’s episode we are hanging out with members of the Reformation Gun Club, including William Swenson, Stuart Burt, David Scott, Scott Van Dorsten, Rob Laird, Mike Johnson, and Steven Clifford.

ALR Episode 365 – The Duty to Defend

Weather derailed last week’s Online Hangout and delayed the show but Lloyd is back with a delayed episode about your duty as a parent to defend your family. From home invaders, muggers, drag queens, and really stupid decisions.

ALR Episode 364 – He’s Baaaack!

Lloyd is back! Recovered from the crud and commenting on the emotionally charged headlines of the day. Trump Derangement Syndrome, the horror of supermajorities, the excesses of the trans movement, crime and gun control.

ALR Episode 363 – Tisas 1911 Review, Technology, and Discipline

This week, Lloyd is still recovering so Brian is our guest host. We have a variety show with content from the cast. Mia is talking about technology (its shortcomings and ethics), Sgt. Bill has a review of the Tisas 1911 Tank Commander, and we have a new Pontification from Pastor…