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ALR399 – Wisdom from the Wasteland (Full Version)

This week Lloyd reviews the new Amazon TV series “Fallout” and draws some interesting lessons about real world self-defense from the show’s first season. This is a Gun Club exclusive with over 35 minutes of extra content including an in-depth review, info on the lore, some of the easter eggs…

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Clinging to God & Guns #58

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we take a look at maybe the goofiest interpretation of Scripture to date. A California Quaker who suggests that Christ’s call for His disciples to buy swords in Luke 22 was so that he could fulfill the prophesy to be…

Clinging to God & Guns #130

Pastor Bennett and Lloyd are looking at a smug Marcionite who hates the Biblical Story of the flood because our world is already too violent with all the school shootings so we don’t need stories about God being violent.

An Interview with METALloyd

Okay, it’s not Metal Monday, but still…Kinda goofy, but this was fun. An interview Lloyd, Lloyd, Lloyd and Bryan from METALloyd.  You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

Learn the Ten Commandments with METALloyd

I have released an “album” called Decalogue which is a collection of 10 songs about the 10 commandments. If you have kids or teens who like rock or metal music and they are learning the 10 commandments, this is a fun tool. It’s available free for members and its $2.50…

Clinging to God & Guns #146

A “Reverend” in the United Methodist Church somehow connects the symbol of the cross to Trump and the hate-filled Nazi who a committed mass murder at the Tree of Life Synagogue. If you think it’s time to lay down the cross as a symbol of the church because of the…