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ALR Episode 376 – Sad Examples of Self-Defense (full version)

This full-length version of episode 376 includes over 25 minutes of exclusive content for Gun Club members. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are reviewing some self-defense stories from around the nation to see what important lessons we can learn. From defense of your own property, defending other people’s property, and shooting with your eyes closed, there’s a lot to un-pack. Plus a feel-good story about women and guns that busts the left’s myths about the dangers of women owning firearms.

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Clinging to God & Guns #146

A “Reverend” in the United Methodist Church somehow connects the symbol of the cross to Trump and the hate-filled Nazi who a committed mass murder at the Tree of Life Synagogue. If you think it’s time to lay down the cross as a symbol of the church because of the…

ALR Episode 324 – Defamation, Gun Laws, Monkeypox and More

In this week’s Reformation Gun Club exclusive, Lloyd shares details about the upcoming book and discusses the latest gun-rights news: Alex Jones fined $4-million for lying about the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Parkland Shooter finally goes to trial, the Highland Park shooter enters a plea, Monkeypox is somehow a…

Episode 321 – Let’s Build a Red Flag Law (Full Version)

“Red Flag” laws are great in principle, but terrible in practice. In this week’s episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett conduct a thought experiment to work through all the factors, all the questions, that have to be answered in order to create a “Red Flag” law that protects the public while…

ALR Episode 319 – The World Hates You

This week is a Reformation Gun Club exclusive. Lloyd comments on recent news and the world’s growing hatred for Christians and Judeo-Christian values. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

Episodes 315 and 316 – Full Version

When we sat down to record episode 315, the result was so long that I decided to split it into two episodes, one devoted to the anti-gun proposals in the wake of the Uvalde shooting, one devoted to the reasons for these shootings and what we could actually do to…