Guns and Peanut Butter

Keeping kids safe when it comes to guns is a subject that gun rights advocates and gun control advocates can agree on. St. Louis Post Dispatch Columnist Aisha Sultan gets a lot right in her recent article: “The Awkward Playdate Question that Could Save Your Child’s Life.”
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Beretta Unveils New APX Pistol

You can’t go wrong with anything produced by a 500-year-old firearms company. To be around that long, they have to be doing something right. The latest from Beretta out of IDEX, the International Defense Expo in Abu Dhabi, is that the company has a new striker-fired defensive pistol coming soon: the APX.
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What to Look for in a Truck Gun

If you’ve been around guns long enough you’ve heard the term “truck gun” or “car gun.” What is it? It’s a cheap gun that you can keep in the car and don’t have to worry about losing if your car is stolen or broken in to. Here are six tips for choosing a trusty truck gun.
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