St. Paul’s Social Media Strategy for Gun Rights Activism

In debating gun rights on social media, it’s not hard to find a fight. The anti-gun left quickly descend to name calling and penis analogies. The hard part is to stay above the fray and to avoid stooping to their level. A generous helping of wit and snark is acceptable, but crossing the line into vulgarity and insults solves nothing. For maximum results, consider this 2000-year-old strategy from St. Paul.
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Why We Can’t Have Campus Carry

Anti-gun bed-wetters have tried a number of weak arguments against campus carry. Guns will interfere with the learning environment is by far the dumbest. But the weakest argument is the suggestion that college kids are often binge drinkers and alcohol and guns don’t mix.
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Getting Shot in the Face Doesn’t Make You a Saint

Gabby Giffords supports the kinds of background checks that her attacker passed. Last week Breitbart News had the audacity to point that out and the liberal media went crazy with faux rage. The NRA retweeted the Breitbart story and the long knives came out in force. The bottom line is that just because you’ve been shot in the face, you can’t get away with being a hypocrite.
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