Media Lab Episode 11 “Quick Draw”

In movies, the quick draw looks like a sudden movement, but there is a careful plan thought out before the gun is even touched. In Media Lab Episode 11 “Quick Draw”. Dom Raso breaks down a scene from Rambo to show why analyzing a situation before reaching for a gun is crucial.
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Boberg XR9-S Review

I’ve said many times that so little is truly innovative when it comes to guns that when something does come along it grabs your attention. Such is the case with Boberg Arms and the XR9-S pistol. Is the innovation worth the price tag?
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Why I Compete (And Why You Should Too)

“So, how’d you do?” Sitting across from the young man who would win 1st place Master class in the Enhanced Service Pistol division at the Badlands Regional and Oklahoma State IDPA Championship, I shrugged off the question. “I don’t want to know.” I really didn’t. I didn’t shoot well and I made a pile of mental mistakes. I had my scoresheets and some video to review. I don’t shoot for trophies. If they come, that’s nice, but that’s not why I compete.
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NOIR Episode 8 “Protecting Means Celebrating”

There’s a lot to celebrate when it comes to firearms – our history, recreation and most of all our freedoms. In NOIR Episode 8 “Protecting Means Celebrating,” Colion and Amy discuss why it’s important to protect our rights earned during the founding of our country. When it comes to guns, protecting means celebrating.
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