Miss’ippi Showdown 2015

What does it say about a match that you would drive sixteen hours round-trip and endure the scorching heat and humidity of Mississippi in June? Well, either you’re crazy or it’s a really fun match. Or both. Was it worth…

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Sarsilmaz B6 Review

I’m not a CZ-75 guy, in the same way that I’m not a 1911 guy, either. I recognize the elegance of the design and the features that make these guns special, but I never owned one. I fondled them at…


Don’t Thank a Veteran on Memorial Day

Memorial Day has a special meaning which Americans today seem to blur. They confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day, Bar-B-Cues and retail sales. They forget what the real purpose of this most solemn of national holidays is really all about….


No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy

Most commonly the quote is attributed to German Field Marshall Helmuth Graf von Moltke. “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy” basically means that once the bullets start flying, all bets are off. The same is true on…