Cook’s Holsters IWB Holster Review

I have been meaning to review the Cook’s Holsters IWB holster for some time. It should tell you something that I sell their holsters in the Armed Lutheran Store. I believe in them. I use one every day. Of all the holsters I have reviewed, this is the one I have the most experience with. Of all the holsters I have tried, this is the one that just feels right.
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The 14th Birthday

Fourteen years ago, my son was born and my life changed forever. Not only did I have a new mouth to feed, but I had a new person for whom I was utterly responsible. A boy to guide and mold into a good, decent, God-fearing man.
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Learning From Our Elders

63-year-old Phyllis Law taught a couple of young whipper-snappers a lesson when they broke into her Pritchard, Alabama home on July 21. When Law heard someone breaking in her house she grabbed her gun, waited, jumped up and started shooting.
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