Learning From Our Elders

63-year-old Phyllis Law taught a couple of young whipper-snappers a lesson when they broke into her Pritchard, Alabama home on July 21. When Law heard someone breaking in her house she grabbed her gun, waited, jumped up and started shooting.
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Media Lab Episode 11 “Quick Draw”

In movies, the quick draw looks like a sudden movement, but there is a careful plan thought out before the gun is even touched. In Media Lab Episode 11 “Quick Draw”. Dom Raso breaks down a scene from Rambo to show why analyzing a situation before reaching for a gun is crucial.
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Boberg XR9-S Review

I’ve said many times that so little is truly innovative when it comes to guns that when something does come along it grabs your attention. Such is the case with Boberg Arms and the XR9-S pistol. Is the innovation worth the price tag?
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