Trusting Your Sights

I shot a local IDPA match recently and found myself wasting time shooting extra shots at targets. The SO in my squad asked several times why I did that. I told him that I didn’t see the hits on the target, so I took an extra shot to be sure. “You’re not trusting your sights,” he said.
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A Lutheran Perspective on Gun Rights

I got a question the other day from someone on Twitter, asking if my views are presented from a Lutheran perspective and if so, how. A Lutheran perspective on gun rights revolves Luther’s explanation of the Fifth Commandment around two basic understandings of God and man.
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Turn the Tables on Anti-Gun Businesses

When it comes to fighting gun control, we are almost always fighting in a defensive posture. We react to some gun control regulation or other by suing in court to block or reverse it. Whenever the Demanding Moms finds a gun-friendly business they target it mercilessly until the ownership buckles. I think it’s high time we turn the tables.
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Violence, Gun and Domestic

As the nation’s media pulls it’s collective hairs out over the issue of domestic violence in the National Football League, it seems like we’ve been here before. As with gun violence, when it comes to domestic violence the focus has been on everything except the root cause. And nobody wants to go there.
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