Responsible Solutions?

Gabby Giffords and her husband, the retired astronaut, founded Americans for Responsible Solutions in the aftermath of then-Congressman Giffords’ injury in a mass shooting during a campaign event in Tucson. As Mike Piccione noted in an article in for the Daily Caller two years ago, ARS offers no real solutions, they just hate the NRA. In the two years since, not much has changed.
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Closing the Stalker Gap

Anti-gunners like to use buzz-words and catch-phrases that evoke emotional reactions among supporters. “Assault weapon” or “gun show loophole” are examples. Now there’s a new one. It’s called the “Stalker Gap.”
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Drawing with Dracula

Drawing your gun from concealment can be a challenge, depending upon what you’re wearing. Different instructors teach different techniques. Over the Christmas break I learned one that I’ve been practicing in my dry fire practice to add to my repertoire.
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