Travelers At Airport

Travelling Unarmed

Last Monday I was visiting a client in Dallas when I received a text message from my Mom, informing me that my step-father had passed away. As a result we had to make last-minute plans to travel back to North…

Man Praying To God With His Hands Resting On A Bible.

Habakkuk’s Complaint in the Modern Age

The prophet Habakkuk called Israel to faith in the face of persistent evil. Just as Judea was made low and chastened for their transgressions so we face similar threats today as we blur the lines between right and wrong.

Murdered Woman

At Least He Didn’t Have a Gun

Monica Johnson’s estranged husband broke into her house on Sunday and bludgeoned her to death with a baseball bat. The local Sheriff says women should learn to use a gun to protect themselves. Anti-gunners want women to put their trust…