Keep Your Eyes on the Target

The course of fire seemed straightforward. Engage a target from behind cover, then advance to another position to engage a three-target array. The tricky part was in front of those three targets. A “no-shoot” target which swung back and forth in front of them. You had to hit each of the bad guys twice without hitting the good guy.
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Why Firearms Suicides Don’t Count

Despite reports from hysterical press outlets and demanding moms, rates of gun violence and violent crime in general have been falling for decades. Despite the breathless hysteria, the American public is not interested in more restrictive gun control. One of the latest attempts to get the gun ban movement back on track is the use of suicide statistics.
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Diamondback Announces New Full-Sized Pistol

Since reviewing the Diamondback DB380 back in 2012, I have been a fan of the company’s products. The DB380 is now my dedicated pocket pistol, for days when my wardrobe requirements won’t allow me to carry inside or outside the waistband. Since that time, Diamondback has introduced the DB9 pocket gun and the DB15 rifle. Now they have announced that they are adding a full-sized pistol to their product line: the DB9FS.
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Gas-Only Airsoft Reload Drill

If you're like me, reloading under pressure — slide lock or tactical reloads — is not as smooth as it could be. I tend to fumble with magazines and not seat them cleanly, especially when I'm out of practice. Here's a drill that will help tighten up your reloads and is safe to perform in your home because it requires no ammo. All you need is the gun, some propellant gas, and your carry gear.

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