Drones and Gun Control

Last weekend California Governor Jerry Brown vetoed bills regulating “hobbyist drone flights.” His reasoning makes perfect sense but one must wonder why it isn’t applied to guns.

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Evidence Of Murder

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Unless you live under a rock, or you’re like me and you bought a house, had multiple car repairs, and a death in the family in the span of three weeks, you may have noticed the latest spate of shootings…

Travelers At Airport

Travelling Unarmed

Last Monday I was visiting a client in Dallas when I received a text message from my Mom, informing me that my step-father had passed away. As a result we had to make last-minute plans to travel back to North…

Man Praying To God With His Hands Resting On A Bible.

Habakkuk’s Complaint in the Modern Age

The prophet Habakkuk called Israel to faith in the face of persistent evil. Just as Judea was made low and chastened for their transgressions so we face similar threats today as we blur the lines between right and wrong.