Sarsilmaz B6 Review

I’m not a CZ-75 guy, in the same way that I’m not a 1911 guy, either. I recognize the elegance of the design and the features that make these guns special, but I never owned one. I fondled them at gun shows, admired them at IDPA matches, but never could bring myself to pony up the cash for one of my own. This gun changed all that.
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No Battle Plan Survives Contact With the Enemy

Most commonly the quote is attributed to German Field Marshall Helmuth Graf von Moltke. “No battle plan survives first contact with the enemy” basically means that once the bullets start flying, all bets are off. The same is true on a much smaller scale. My performance at a recent IDPA match proved just how easy it is to over-think a situation and then completely lose your marbles.
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Customize your Handguns on a Budget

You can spend a ton of money customizing and improving your favorite gun. Or guns. Sights and grips alone can run up quite a price tag. For the budget-minded gun owner, that could mean spending as much on extras as you do on the gun itself. All you really need is $25 and a little patience.
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Two Fights, One Gun, Two Outcomes

When the story of a Missouri man drawing his gun to break up a fight between teenage girls popped up on my Facebook wall, I was intrigued by the responses. Many, including some who claimed to be highly experienced shooters, were critical of the good samaritan’s actions. If you can’t break up a fight between teenage girls without a gun, you don’t need to be intervening. Consider these tales of two fights, one gun, and two very different outcomes.
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2015 Badlands Regional IDPA Championship

I feared that I might be travelling in the rain to a match for the third time this year. With tornadoes threatening North Texas and a storm front racing across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, I headed up US-75 toward Oklahoma and the 15th Annual Badlands Regional IDPA Championship.
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Loretta Lynn, Loretta Lynch, and the Republican Senate

In 1969, country music star Loretta Lynn released a cover of the Tammy Wynette single “Stand By Your Man.” 46 years later, as a Republican controlled Senate votes to confirm Loretta Lynch as the new Attorney General of the United States, I am reminded of that tune. And I can’t help but wonder why gun owners stand by the GOP as it repeatedly abuses us.
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