Don’t Break Your Arm Patting Yourself On the Back

In an email alert from the Gun Owners of America, members are told to “Pat Yourselves on the back!” Thanks to opposition from gun owners, the FDIC has decided to remove firearms dealers from it’s list of high risk businesses. But before GOA goes breaking it’s arms patting itself on the back, maybe we need to make sure they’re not celebrating a paper victory.
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Indoor IDPA at DFW Gun Range

Collin County IDPA club has an enigmatic name. Headquartered in Allen, Texas (in Collin County), the club shoots matches in three different ranges, none of which are actually in Collin County. On Saturdays they hold their regular weekly club matches in Hunt County. One Sunday a month they shoot in Denton County. And on the first Sunday each month they shoot at DFW Gun Range in Dallas, in Dallas County.
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On the Passing of James Brady

James Brady and his wife, Sarah, turned the tragedy of his brain injury at the hands of a gunman into a national political crusade against gun rights. Rather than focus their anger at John Hinckley, Jr. and others like him, they channeled their grief into an unrelenting and senseless attack on the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to use firearms for lawful purposes (including, ironically, defending themselves against lunatics like Hinckley). We will never forget that.
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