New Advent EP: The Advent of Our King

Listen to and download original music by METALloyd featuring four songs based on Advent hymns from the LSB. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

ALR Episode 341 – Taking the Church Fathers Out of Context

Our newest book “Duty to Defend: Volume 2” addresses Bible verses that are used without context in the gun-rights debate. In response to the book’s announcement, Facebook user Jason decided to respond by taking quotes from the early church fathers out of context. Lloyd and the Padre discuss the early…

ALR Episode 340 – November Online Hangout

Lloyd and Sgt. Bill hang out with Reformation Gun Club members Scott Van Dorsten, Rev. Paul Cain, Stuart Burt, Dan Rushing, Curtis Heidel, William Swenson, Mike Soost, Dan Veldt, Donnie Ross, and Rev. Robert McCanless who talk about Thanksgiving, training, and guns.

ALR Episode 338 – The Red Wave that Wasn’t

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the results of the 2022 mid-term elections. What went wrong? Is Florida the GOP blueprint? What effect did Trump have on the elections? Why did voters choose a brain-dead basement-dweller in Pennsylvania? What does the future hold?

ALR Episode 337 – The Nature of Evil

Crime is on the ballot in the 2022 mid-terms. The Left doesn’t know how to deal with it because they don’t understand the nature of evil. As proof, Lloyd points to recent media examples, including Amazon’s bastardization of the dark lord Sauron in the “Rings of Power.”

ALR Episode 335 – October Online Hangout

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett hang out with Reformation Gun Club members Stuart Burt, William Swenson, Luke Otte, Donnie Ross, Justin Hover, and David Scott who talk about life, and the upcoming elections.

ALR Episode 333 – Rejecting the Social Gospel

In today’s commentary, Lloyd reviews an article from the Religion News Service which tries to explain why it is that attending church more regularly might lead you to reject the “social gospel.”

Learn the Ten Commandments with METALloyd

I have released an “album” called Decalogue which is a collection of 10 songs about the 10 commandments. If you have kids or teens who like rock or metal music and they are learning the 10 commandments, this is a fun tool. It’s available free for members and its $2.50…

Sling and Stone

Original Music based on the epic battle between David and the giant, Goliath, from 1 Samuel 17. You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content. Please Log In. Not a Member? Join Us

ALR Episode 332 – September Online Hangout

This week is our September 2022 Online Hangout with members of the Reformation Gun Club. This month Lloyd is joined by Pastor Bennett and Gun Club members William Swenson, Donny Ross, Daniel Freeman, Mike Soost, Guillaume Williams, David Scott, Justin Hover, Edwin Fuhrmann, and Dan Rushing to discuss life and…