Reformer – band

Reformer (formerly METALloyd) is a musical side-project of the Armed Lutheran himself, Lloyd Bailey. The project began under the name “METALloyd” a name used when Lloyd was a heavy metal DJ in the late 1990s. The original purpose was to create soundtrack music for the Armed Lutheran Radio podcast.

Early Releases

As time went on, the project took on a life of its own, and Lloyd began recording and releasing full songs, originally using AI generated text-to-speech vocals. Two EP's were released (“Skeleton Man” and “Revelation”) in 2022, along with another collection of short songs called “Decalogue” which was billed as a catechetical tool to help young people learn the ten commandments.

New Vocals

As a surprise for his daughter's birthday in 2023, Lloyd recorded a whimsical song called “It's Your Birthday” with himself on vocals. He then took over vocals himself with the release of “A New Song” which reprised two songs from the original “Revelation” EP, plus the band's first two original songs. Later that year the band would reprise the “Revelation” EP with a new release called “Revelation Revisited”.

Lloyd would collaborate with session guitarist Metal Fakir and Italian vocalist Eric Castiglia for a sludgy 5-track EP called “Cross of Sorrow” which marked the band's full-on foray into drop-tuning. This was followed by the EP's “Forth to War” and “Not What these Hands Have Done,” all still relying heavily on re-worked hymns for source material.

First Albums

In the fall of 2023 the band released their first full-length album, “Not By Sight.” Then in December came the second full-length album, “Bring Back the Flood,” which featured eight more tracks, five of which were original lyrics.

A New Sound in 2024

In March 2024 the band released their third (and longest) full-length album, “Mankind Fell,” featuring eleven new songs. Mankind marked a change in tone and songwriting, with six original songs and a re-arrangement of the band's first original “Sling and Stone.”

In May 2024 the band announced they were hard at work on their fourth album, tentatively entitled “To Die is to Gain.”


In June the band was informed that another band had been using the name “Metalloyd” previously, and the work of both bands was being confused on some streaming services. After a vote by fans and artist renderings of potential logos, the band officially changed names on June 12, 2024, choosing the name “Reformer” for the original 16th century reformer himself, Dr. Martin Luther.

Band Members

The band is fronted by Lloyd Bailey on vocals, Lloyd Bailey on rhythm guitar, Lloyd Bailey on lead guitar, Lloyd Bailey on bass, Lloyd Bailey on drums, and (occasionally) Lloyd Bailey on keyboard.

Gear Used

Digital Audio Workspace (DAW): Reaper
Studio Monitors:
Bass Guitar:
Guitar Strings:
Bass Strings:
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You can hear more of their music on their YouTube channel, and on streaming services like Amazon Music, Spotify, and Deezer.