ALR394 – First Online Hangout of 2024

It’s our first Online Hangout of 2024 and Lloyd is hanging out with David Scott, Stuart Burt, Dan Veldt, Steven Clifford, Donny Ross, Guillaume Williams, and Curtis Heidel. The gang discusses the world’s greatest gun trade, Glock Shooting Sports, repairing a Remington Model 8, and the He Gets Us ad…

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ALR386 – The Final Variety Show of 2023

This week is our final variety show of 2023. Mia shares some inspirations, Pastor Bennett is looking forward to Christmas as we move through the season of Advent, and Lloyd fisks an opinion piece from

ALR385 – November Online Hangout (Almost)

This week Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are hanging out with members of the Reformation Gun Club: Stuart Burt, Donny Ross, Mike Thomas, Guillaume Williams, William Swenson, Mike Soost, and Dan Rushing.

ALR384 – What Are You Thankful For?

Given all the terrible things in the world today, everything from War to the San Jose Sharks, what is there to be thankful for? In this Thanksgiving weekend rant, Lloyd seeks to answer that question.

ALR380 – Why Support Israel?

This week Lloyd is adding to his thoughts on the situation in the Middle East with a discussion of why we should be supporting Israel during this crisis and how it relates to the God-given right to armed self-defense.