fifth commandment

ALR375 – The Failure of Doctrinal Review

In this week’s episode Lloyd discusses an article by TR Holvorson who debunks the idea that your right to self-defense somehow comes from human reason and Enlightenment philosophy.

ALR349 – The Fifth Commandment

In this, our first ever live Clinging to God & Guns show, Lloyd and the Padre discuss the recently released (and quickly recalled) annotated Large Catechism. Specifically, the articles related to the Fifth Commandment and self-defense. The release created an uproar in Lutheran social media, with accusations of “woke” language…

Mid-Week Meditation #3 – The Gun in the Basket

I was reading the Large and Small Catechisms last week, focusing on the Fifth Commandment (You Shall Not Murder) and that reminded me of a story I wanted to share about a man down on his luck, Christian love for your neighbor, and a gun in a basket. This story…