ALR289 – It’s Not About Sensitive Places

On November 3, 2021, the Supreme Court heard arguments in New York Rifle & Pistol Association vs. Bruen — a case that could make “shall issue” the law of the land around the nation. In this episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review a hysterical amicus brief, filed by a group of Leftist religious organizations, supporting New York's “may issue” concealed carry permit law.

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  • [00:00] – Blooper
  • [00:37] – Opening and welcome
  • [03:04] – Thanks to our Patrons
  • [04:36] – “May Issue” vs. “Shall Issue”
  • [09:07] – Responding to Episcopal News Service Article
  • [15:42] – Threats against Places of Worship – Bad Examples
  • [21:58] – The Filers of the Amicus Brief
  • [24:08] – Guns are a Threat to Houses of Worship
  • [25:53] – You Don't Need a Gun
  • [27:23] – Protecting Sensitive Places
  • [31:58] – Are the Filers Idiots or Just Nefarious?
  • [33:59] – Reducing the “Casual Public Carrying of Weapons”
  • [35:58] – Heller, McDonald and Ezell
  • [42:14] – Wrapping Up
  • [43:58] – Show Close

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O almighty God, who has knit together Your elect in one communion and fellowship in the mystical body of Your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord, grant us
grace so to follow Your blessed saints in all virtuous and godly living that we may come to those unspeakable joys that you have prepared for those who unfeignedly love You; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

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