ALR Episode 282 – Remembering 9/11

In a departure from our usual format, Lloyd shares his memories of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and discusses how much we’ve changed in 20 years, and how important it is to remember that terrible day.

ALR Episode 168 – The Easter Bombings

In this week’s Clinging to God & Guns show, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the terrorist attacks on tourists and “Easter Worshippers” in Sri Lanka and offer a Biblical perspective on sin, evil, suffering and the failures of human government.

ALR Episode 89 – Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood

At age 15 Hesham Shehab was handed a sniper rifle and joined the Muslim Brotherhood during the Lebanese Civil War. He later was part of a mortar team, shelling civilians in Christian neighborhoods. Through the intervention of the Holy Spirit and a chance meeting with a Lutheran Pastor in Beirut,…

ALR Episode 23 – Reaction to Orlando

The gang’s all here for a very special episode 23 of Armed Lutheran Radio as we devote the show to the aftermath of the terror attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando. Aaron Israel joins me to talk about responding to active shooter incidents. Pastor Bennett discusses the proper…