ten commandments

ALR Episode 330 – Ten Commandments in the News

This week is a Reformation Gun Club exclusive episode. Lloyd responds to some criticism and then digs into some recent news stories and discusses some lessons we can learn and how the Ten Commandments apply to each of them.

ALR Episode 173 – Preaching to Florida Man

Today Lloyd and Pastor Bennett play another round of “Crime and the 10 Commandments,” reviewing some interesting crime news for how the Ten Commandments apply and preaching to the troubled people involved. But this time we’re doing it with a twist, adding in that fabled scallywag, The Florida Man.

ALR Episode 153 – Crime and the 10 Commandments

In this week’s episode we are trying out a new idea for Clinging to God & Guns called “Crime and the 10 Commandments.” Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review crime stories and discuss the ways that the Ten Commandments apply.

ALR Episode 54 – The 10 Commandments of the 2nd Amendment

On this week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we look at a little blasphemy from our side of the Gun Rights debate. We dig into the mail bag and and answer some listener emails. Sgt. Bill shares lessons learned from a Rob Leatham pistol class. Aaron has advice for avoiding…

ALR Episode 43 – Of God and Gun Free Zones

On this Week’s Episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we are joined by Lloyd’s former pastor from North Carolina to discuss gun free zones and the Fourth Commandment. Plus listener comments and tips from Aaron Israel and Sgt. Bill.

Mid-Week Meditation #3 – The Gun in the Basket

I was reading the Large and Small Catechisms last week, focusing on the Fifth Commandment (You Shall Not Murder) and that reminded me of a story I wanted to share about a man down on his luck, Christian love for your neighbor, and a gun in a basket. This story…

ALR Episode 21 – Sheepdogs and Sheep

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, hard earned lessons from the range, plus Sgt. Bill’s tips on methods of concealed carry, Aaron Israel’s tips on preparing for medical emergencies, and Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller joins us to talk about how the Ten Commandments calls us to action in service to our…