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ALR330 – Ten Commandments in the News

This week is a Reformation Gun Club exclusive episode. Lloyd responds to some criticism and then digs into some recent news stories and discusses some lessons we can learn and how the Ten Commandments apply to each of them.

ALR262 – Variety Show Minus the Variety

This week we have a variety show that is lacking in variety. Sgt. Bill and Mia were unable to join us so Lloyd and Pastor Bennett hold down the fort with a little housekeeping, listener comments, and a pontification on civil disobedience and Romans 13.

ALR256 – Mail Bag

In this week’s episode, Lloyd is digging into the mailbag to answer some long-overdue listener emails about President Biden, Trump’s personality, Florida Man, Trump’s support for the Second Amendment, and the Libertarian option in the 2020 election.

ALR223 – We’ve Got Mail

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dig into the mailbag to answer listener emails about gun ownership and confirmation bias, the meaning of Exodus 22’s “thief in the night” verses, God’s wrath, and guns we just can’t part with.

ALR221 – Okay, Karen

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dig back into the mailbag to answer an email from a listener who was critical of Lloyd’s commentary in episode 220.

ALR219 – Listener Mail

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dig into the mailbag to answer listener emails about the Biblical view of tyrannicide, the “new normal,” gun storage laws, and prepping.

ALR171 – Police Week and Listener Questions

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio it’s another variety show. Mia answers a listener question about concealed carry for women, Pastor Bennett talks answers a question about carrying in the pulpit, and Sgt. Bill talks about his experiences in Washington DC during Police Week.

ALR103 – Allowing Guns in Church Flies in the Face of Scripture

Does allowing guns in church “fly in the face of tradition and Scripture?” Freelance journalist Tom Verde thinks so. Lloyd will debunk his assertions in Clinging to God & Guns. We also answer some listener emails, and Sgt. Bill shares tips for maintaining your gear to get ready for the…

ALR054 – The 10 Commandments of the 2nd Amendment

On this week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we look at a little blasphemy from our side of the Gun Rights debate. We dig into the mail bag and and answer some listener emails. Sgt. Bill shares lessons learned from a Rob Leatham pistol class. Aaron has advice for avoiding…