ALR Episode 168 – The Easter Bombings

In this week’s Clinging to God & Guns show, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the terrorist attacks on tourists and “Easter Worshippers” in Sri Lanka and offer a Biblical perspective on sin, evil, suffering and the failures of human government.

ALR Episode 89 – Leaving the Muslim Brotherhood

At age 15 Hesham Shehab was handed a sniper rifle and joined the Muslim Brotherhood during the Lebanese Civil War. He later was part of a mortar team, shelling civilians in Christian neighborhoods. Through the intervention of the Holy Spirit and a chance meeting with a Lutheran Pastor in Beirut,…

ALR Episode 23 – Reaction to Orlando

The gang’s all here for a very special episode 23 of Armed Lutheran Radio as we devote the show to the aftermath of the terror attack at the Pulse night club in Orlando. Aaron Israel joins me to talk about responding to active shooter incidents. Pastor Bennett discusses the proper…

Paris is Here

If your first reaction to a terrorist attack on US soil is to call for more gun control then it’s clear you’re not serious about stopping terrorism or protecting the American people.

Paris is Coming

It’s taken me a couple of days to wrap my head around the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday. The horrors we saw unfold again in gun-free France lead me, and many others, to one maddening conclusion: it will happen here.

French Gun Control and the Prophet of Islam

Anti-gunners are fond of pointing out how much safer places like Europe are because civilian ownership of guns is severely curtailed, if not outright illegal. Case in point, France.

Never Forget

The pain of that horrific day fades from memory and for our children it is a day they only know because we who remember tell them. We must never forget the evil that was visited upon our shores that day. The lives lost in New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC….

I Was Wrong…It’s Not About Control

In December of 2012, I opined that “our enemies …really don’t care about saving lives. It’s really about control, not guns.” In light of recent FBI raids I’m now convinced that I was wrong. It’s not about guns or control. It’s all about politics.