ALR Episode 132 – The NRA’s Theology

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review an article that claims the NRA’s claim that the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun is theologically dangerous and morally repugnant…but offers absolutely no theology to counter the idea. Plus thoughts on 3D printed…

ALR Episode 77 – Safety On

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we’re talking about gun safety and taking new shooters to the range. We’ll meet Yehuda Remer, the author of the new kids book “Safety On: An introduction to the world of firearms for children.” Lloyd’s 7-year-old daughter shares her impressions of the book, plus…

ALR Episode 20 – To Own a Gun or Not to Own a Gun

It’s feast or famine at Armed Lutheran Radio! For our 20th episode, all our contributors are back and the show is chocked full of goodness. Sgt. Bill talks about passing on your passion for shooting in this week’s Ballistic Minute, Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense joins us to talk about…

And the Winner Is…

When I re-launched the website with a new look on June 17, I decided to celebrate with a big giveaway. Today we announce the five winners.

Getting Shot in the Face Doesn’t Make You a Saint

Gabby Giffords supports the kinds of background checks that her attacker passed. Last week Breitbart News had the audacity to point that out and the liberal media went crazy with faux rage. The NRA retweeted the Breitbart story and the long knives came out in force. The bottom line is…

Guns and Peanut Butter

Keeping kids safe when it comes to guns is a subject that gun rights advocates and gun control advocates can agree on. St. Louis Post Dispatch Columnist Aisha Sultan gets a lot right in her recent article: “The Awkward Playdate Question that Could Save Your Child’s Life.”

NRA Freestyle Finally Shows Partners Some Love

Last week, I shared my experiences with the partner program at NRA Freestyle and my general sense of dissatisfaction. Now, six months after initially forming our partnership, NRA Freestyle is finally showing some love to it’s partners with the launch of the official NRA Freestyle Partner page.

The Root word in Partnership is Partner

Back in May I was approached by representatives from the NRA with an offer to form a strategic partnership related to the fledgeling NRA Freestyle website, featuring internet shows NOIR and Media Lab.

Tolerant Liberals Take Shots at NOIR

Liberals love to preach about “tolerance” and “inclusiveness” and to pat themselves on the backs for being so “open minded.” In reality, modern liberals are hateful bigots who are only interested in tolerating those whose views and opinions match their own. Case in point: NOIR.