ALR020 – To Own a Gun or Not to Own a Gun

It's feast or famine at Armed Lutheran Radio! For our 20th episode, all our contributors are back and the show is chocked full of goodness. Sgt. Bill talks about passing on your passion for shooting in this week's Ballistic Minute, Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense joins us to talk about his trip to the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky, and Pastor John Bennett is here to fisk an article from a retired ELCA pastor which suggests that “strong” Christians must set a good example for “weak” Christians and eschew the ownership of guns, because owning a gun is like pagan worship and you might give people the impression that owning a gun is okay. But it's not. Or something. It's a bizarre “re-contextualization” of Paul's letter to the church at Corinth and we unravel the whole thing in Clinging to God and Guns.


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Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill
In a timely message on this Memorial Day week, Sergeant Bill channels his inner Yoda and encourages us to “pass on what we have learned.” If our rights are to flourish and if our children and grandchildren are to be able to enjoy the rich heritage of firearms ownership that we currently enjoy, we must share our passion with our kids, our spouses, and our friends.

Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense
Aaron Israel sits down with us to talk about his trip to the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky. He tells us what he loves about going to the annual gathering and what you should expect if you decide to attend the meeting in Atlanta in 2017 or Dallas in 2018. We talk Trump, new products and Louisville night life.

Clinging to God and Guns
A retired ELCA pastor attempts to “re-contextualize” Paul's admonition against eating meats sacrificed to idols, suggesting that owning a gun is akin to pagan worship and for “strong” Christians to own guns sets a bad example for “weak” Christians who don't know any better. And, if you as a Christian encourage another person to purchase a gun, either directly or by setting a bad example, you are responsible for that person's gun as if you had purchased it yourself. They don't call the ELCA “Every Liberal Cause in America” for nothing. It's just the kind of insanity you would expect and then some, and Pastor John Bennett and I pick it apart, line by line.

Prayer of the Week
O God, the Strength of all those who put their trust in You, mercifully accept our prayers; and because through the weakness of our mortal nature we can do no good thing, grant us the help of Your grace that in keeping Your commandments we may please You both in will and deed; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord. Amen.

Our Closing Theme A rockin' rendition of A Mighty Fortress is Our God, performed just for Armed Lutheran Radio by Kenny Gates.