concealed carry

Mid-Week Meditation #11 – Gunplacency

That thought or that feeling that it’s safe to leave the house without your gun because you live in a safe neighborhood or your’re just making a quick trip to the store. You don’t need the knife, the flashlight, the spare mag, the gun today. It’s too much stuff. You…

ALR Episode 21 – Sheepdogs and Sheep

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, hard earned lessons from the range, plus Sgt. Bill’s tips on methods of concealed carry, Aaron Israel’s tips on preparing for medical emergencies, and Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller joins us to talk about how the Ten Commandments calls us to action in service to our…

Keeping it Discreet

Concealed means concealed. We talk about concealed carry and it sounds cliché but it’s very true and something that you always have to keep in mind especially when it comes to talking to your friends.

Open Carry Bed-Wetters

As open carry of handguns goes into effect in Texas today, the bed-wetters are in full-swing. Here’s eight points to put their fears to rest.

The Unarmed Lutheran Re-armed

In my previous post I discussed how it felt to travel unarmed for the first time in years. Since then I thought I would share some ideas for how you can re-arm if you find yourself in a similar situation.

Travelling Unarmed

Last Monday I was visiting a client in Dallas when I received a text message from my Mom, informing me that my step-father had passed away. As a result we had to make last-minute plans to travel back to North Carolina for the funeral.

Gay Marriage and Gun Rights

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling on gay marriage, some in the gun rights community seem to think that the future is bright for national concealed carry reciprocity. They could not be further from the truth.

Two is One and One is None

Hot weather is here and that means a wardrobe change. And, for most of us, that means a change in carry guns. Lets face it, carrying that 5-inch 1911 is a lot harder when you’re wearing Bermuda shorts and a tee-shirt. Just remember, when scaling down your gun to match…