ALR Episode 25 – Making Guns Our God

Lloyd is on vacation, but the show goes on. In this week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio, some thoughts on the “epidemic” of gun violence. Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense gives us tips on traveling light for safety. Sgt. Bill has a Ballistic Minute tip about the slide-lock reloads. And…

ALR Episode 8 – Should a Christian Own a Gun?

This week’s episode is jam packed. We welcome our newest contributor, firearms instructor Aaron Israel. Sergeant Bill has tips on getting the most out of your dry fire practice. Two contestants square off in the very first Armed Lutheran Gun Quiz. Pastor Bennett is back for another installment of Clinging…

ALR Episode 5 – Should Christians Carry Guns?

In this week’s episode we talk about Governor Chris Christie’s new definition of self-defense against the unborn and the parallels between being a gun owner and being a Christian. Sergeant Bill has tips on improving your reloads, and in our first Clinging to God and Guns segment, Pastor John Bennett…

The Wolf in Shepherds Clothing

The fact that the Pope has been widely embraced by the American Left — from President Obama to the environmental movement, from socialists like Bernie Sanders to gun banners like Gabby Giffords — should tell you all you need to know about who this Pope really is.

The Impotence and Idiocy of the Pope

Pope Francis’ latest remarks brought cheers as he suggested that weapons manufacturers and those who invest in them are not Christians. As a Lutheran, and an armed one at that, you know I have to respond.

St. Paul’s Social Media Strategy for Gun Rights Activism

In debating gun rights on social media, it’s not hard to find a fight. The anti-gun left quickly descend to name calling and penis analogies. The hard part is to stay above the fray and to avoid stooping to their level. A generous helping of wit and snark is acceptable,…

Trusting Your Sights

I shot a local IDPA match recently and found myself wasting time shooting extra shots at targets. The SO in my squad asked several times why I did that. I told him that I didn’t see the hits on the target, so I took an extra shot to be sure….

Is it Enough to Trust in God?

A fan of the site posed an interesting question recently that, I am sure, Christians struggle with. Especially we who support the Second Amendment and the right of armed self-defense. Isn't it enough to trust in God to protect us?

I’m Batman

I got an email message last week with the subject “Who Are You?” Expecting to read a Nigerian email scam or promotion for the latest self-help video, I proceeded with caution. The author admitted that he had no luck finding out my name and contact info, including phone number. “Please…