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ALR318 – Contradictions, Social Media, and Standing for Truth

In today’s episode, Lloyd comments on the contradictions in the Leftist responses to this week’s events, Mia shares thoughts on social media safety, and Pastor Bennett is back from the recent district LCMS convention with thoughts about standing up for the truth.

ALR244 – The Great Disconnect, Part 2

In this week’s Clinging to God & Guns episode, it’s part two of our discussion on the state of American culture and the move to find alternative media and news outlets. Today we share tech tips for keeping your private data safe when you’re online, plus recommendations for alternatives to…

ALR243 – The Great Disconnect, Part 1

In this week’s Clinging to God & Guns episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett discuss the state of American culture in the age of media bias and censorship and the move to find alternative outlets. Be sure to tune in next week for part 2!

ALR209 – Reloading, Human Trafficking, and Online Predators

In this week’s “Variety Show” episode Sgt. Bill continues his review of Dillon reloading press add-ons and upgrades, Mia is on the road again reviewing a scary situation in a New Mexico truck stop, and Pastor Bennett has a sobering segment about keeping your kids safe from social media predators. 

ALR011 – Easter and Sword Control

He is Risen! He is Risen, Indeed! Hallelujah! In this Easter week episode: another news story begs the question “what background check would have stopped this?” Colossians 4 and dealing with the anti-gun world. Another Ballistic Minute tip from Sergeant Bill Silvia. Tips for packing your range bag for a…