sergey solyanik

ALR050 – 2016 Year in Review, Part 1

In this final episode of 2016 we’re going back to the groove yard of forgotten favorites to look back at the guests, the segments, the interviews and the fun that we’ve had in the past year. It’s a trip down memory lane as we replay the very first segments from…

ALR003 – Bonus Interview

In episode 2 we interviewed Sergey Solyanik, the owner of Precise Shooter, a gun store in Seattle, Washington, who is dealing with that city’s new “Gun Violence Tax” on gun and ammunition sales. That interview was edited for time but the full-length interview covered a wide-range of topics beyond the…

ALR002 – Seattle’s Gun Violence Tax

In the second episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we talk to Sergey Solyanik, owner of Precise Shooter in Seattle, Washington, about that city’s new “Gun Violence Tax” on firearms and ammunition sales, plus tips for preparing your family for concealed carry.