romans 13

ALR373 – A Terror to Good Works

In this week’s episode Lloyd discusses the current state of our nation in light of Romans 13:1. Are our governing authorities a terror to good works? And are we obligated to comply?

ALR262 – Variety Show Minus the Variety

This week we have a variety show that is lacking in variety. Sgt. Bill and Mia were unable to join us so Lloyd and Pastor Bennett hold down the fort with a little housekeeping, listener comments, and a pontification on civil disobedience and Romans 13.

ALR218 – The Three Ps, Carry at Home, and Romans 13

On this week’s variety show Lloyd comments on the plans to re-open the country, Mia talks about the importance of carrying at home, Sgt. Bill talks about the “Rule of P’s” and how it applies to competitive shooting, and Pastor Bennett discusses Romans 13 in relation to the lockdown and…

ALR134 – Of Christians, Gun Control and Government

In this episode we bring you a feature-length edition of Clinging to God and Guns where Lloyd and Pastor Bennett consider what God’s Word says about government and what we, as Christians, owe the ruling authorities. Leftist gun-grabbers accuse us of loving guns more than God. So we center our…