ALR298 – The First Variety Show of 2022

In our first variety show of 2022, Lloyd comments on the largest civil rights march in history, Bill offers tips for keeping your skills up during the ongoing ammo and primer shortage, and Pastor Bennett shares a story about panic porn and unreasonable fear.

ALR281 – Pro-Gun = Pro-Life

Today we are talking about a rather touchy subject that has many tongues wagging this week: abortion. Why do we mention it so much? And why does being pro-gun mean being Pro-Life?

ALR007 – Nerf Guns, Get Home Bags, and Executive Orders

On this week’s show: Listener e-Mail from Tim in Germany, revisiting my articles about my $50 get-home bag, the media’s deranged reaction to Hasbro’s new automatic Nerf gun, and accuracy tips from Sergeant Bill. Plus, Gabby and the Astronaut fret that a President Trump might use executive orders to rescind…

ALR006 – You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Pro-Gun

In this week’s episode, we take a critical look at a silly meme about the Oregon militia stand off, lessons from a Craigs List robbery gone wrong, and Pastor John Bennett joins us again for our Clinging to God and Guns segment as we debunk the notion that you can’t…