ALR395 – Getting Tough on Crime

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett get together for the first time in 2024 to discuss the interesting trend of blue-state politicians getting tough on crime. Is there a genuine concern for citizens or is this just an election year ploy. What’s the best construction?

ALR171 – Police Week and Listener Questions

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio it’s another variety show. Mia answers a listener question about concealed carry for women, Pastor Bennett talks answers a question about carrying in the pulpit, and Sgt. Bill talks about his experiences in Washington DC during Police Week.

ALR117 – Never Call Police? What Could Go Wrong?

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd returns after surgery and joins Pastor Bennett to review a news story from a listener about a group of churches that are “divesting” from police services by pledging never to call police, even in cases of violent crime. Sgt. Bill has an after-action…

ALR031 – The Choice Before Us

In today’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we talk a lot about the Olympics, taking a training class, how to reduce administrative handling of your firearm, and we get a guest gun review from Jon Braaten. We’ll talk about the upcoming election and the difficult choice before us and we…

ALR026 – The Dallas Massacre

I was on vacation in North Carolina last week and had a “best of” episode planned. Then the massacre in Dallas happened. I share my thoughts on Dallas and the fraud of #BlackLivesMatter. Lessons on how to deal with police during a traffic stop. And thoughts on being a black…