ALR409 – When Do You Take Away the Keys?

On today’s episode, inspired by a Douglas Murray quote about the mental health of President Biden, Lloyd discusses the difficult question of when is it time to talk to your elderly parents about giving up their guns? You need to be logged in to view the rest of the content….

ALR391 – Guns and Mental Health

This week Lloyd discusses the case of the Michigan mother who is facing involuntary manslaughter charges for allowing her mentally ill son access to a firearm (a firearm he subsequently used to kill three students with). Sometimes our responsibility as parents and spouses is to protect our loved ones from…

ALR365 – The Duty to Defend

Weather derailed last week’s Online Hangout and delayed the show but Lloyd is back with a delayed episode about your duty as a parent to defend your family. From home invaders, muggers, drag queens, and really stupid decisions.