ALR Episode 184 – Imitating a Non-Violent Savior

This week we are playing “Stump the Pastor – Long Form Edition.” Lloyd shares excerpts from, and Pastor Bennett responds to, an article by an Army veteran turned pacifist who now questions how followers of a “nonviolent Savior who gives life abundantly can own something designed to take life.”

ALR Episode 104 – Pacifism or Obedience?

According to YouTuber David Williams, opposing guns is not about pacifism, it’s about obeying God. Unlike many of the anti-gun voices we analyze he’s not political. He’s passionate and sincere…but totally wrong. We’ll break it down in Clinging to God and Guns with Pastor Bennett. Plus a self-defense tip from…

ALR Episode 38 – A Time to Kill

This Week on Armed Lutheran Radio, author Greg Hopkins joins us to discuss his book “A Time to Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism.” Sgt. Bill discusses the purpose of IDPA. Aaron Israel has tips for surviving a riot if you’re surrounded while in your vehicle. And Mia Anstine is…