original sin

ALR352 – Reflections on Lent

In this week’s show, as we kick off the season of Lent, Lloyd reflects on the Asbury revival and the “He Gets Us” ad campaign and we replay a classic Lenten Pontification from Pastor Bennett.

ALR195 – The Rise in Anti-Semitism

The week is our Clinging to God & Guns Show and we are talking about the recent rise in anti-semitism and how we should think and respond as both Christians and as supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

ALR178 – A Fire and a Funeral

In this week’s show Lloyd comments on practical and moral lessons from a deadly arson  in Japan and discusses how the funeral of Baby Monica in Brooklyn is a hopeful celebration of life sign in the midst of our culture of death.

ALR91 – Understanding the Tragedy in Las Vegas

On this week’s show we talk about the motives behind the Las Vegas massacre. We read some listener emails, Aaron Israel has a safety tip about credit cards, and we interview Derek LeBlanc, founder and chief instructor of the Kids SAFE Foundation and talk about his unique and effective firearm…

ALR065 – Saint Augustine Said What?

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect a sermon from 2012 by a Presbyterian pastor who based her sermon title on a bogus quote from Saint Augustine of Hippo and suggests that we are all sinners if we don’t vote for politicians who support gun control….