new year

ALR203 – Happy New Year

In the first variety show of 2020 the gang’s all here. Lloyd opines about resolutions, Pastor Bennett talks about contentment, Mia is shares ideas for new year plans, and Sgt. Bill talks about everyday carry.

ALR102 – What The Bible Says About Thoughts & Prayers

In our first episode of 2018 we talk about resolutions, we salute the folks at GunBlog VarietyCast Radio, we get tips from Bill, Aaron, and Mia, and then Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect the heretical ramblings of a “woke” Christian who says Christianity is not about prayer, it’s about action…

ALR052 – Franciscan Friars Fretting About Firearms

In this week’s episode we’re back at full strength and ready to roll for our second season. Sgt. Bill has tips for how to make the best of the off-season, Aaron talks about the ramifications of making cosmetic modifications to your carry gun, Mia is talking cold weather concealed carry…