mia anstine

ALR216 – Stay at Home or Else

On this week’s variety show Lloyd comments on the contradictory responses to the pandemic, Mia shares info about hunting opportunities during the pandemic, Sgt. Bill is talking about how he’s trying to stay prepared for the return of shooting season, and Pastor Bennett shares an Easter message in his pontification.

ALR214 – COVID Thoughts

On this week’s variety show, Lloyd, Mia, Sgt. Bill and Pastor Bennett share an inside look at their lives during the coronavirus lockdown and ideas for how you can make effective use of your time while you’re enduring forced social distancing.

ALR211 – Coronapocalypse

On this week’s variety show, Lloyd shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, Mia shares her thoughts about an abortion court case and hunters with special needs, Sgt. Bill is training with optics-ready pistols, and Pastor Bennett discusses common concerns about going to church and taking Communion during this virus…

ALR209 – Reloading, Human Trafficking, and Online Predators

In this week’s “Variety Show” episode Sgt. Bill continues his review of Dillon reloading press add-ons and upgrades, Mia is on the road again reviewing a scary situation in a New Mexico truck stop, and Pastor Bennett has a sobering segment about keeping your kids safe from social media predators. 

ALR207 – Reloading, Voting, and the DC Project

On today’s variety show, Sgt. Bill talks about reloading and the add-ons for your Dillon reloading press that you must have, might like, and should avoid. Mia talks about the DC Project and how you can get involved. And Pastor Bennett opines about the upcoming elections and our attitude as…

ALR205 – SHOT Show, Gear, and Masculinity

On today’s long overdue variety show, Mia is back from SHOT Show with a report on some of the cool gear she found. In light of all the new stuff at SHOT Show, Sgt. Bill talks about the importance of skills over gear. And Pastor Bennett comments on Biblical masculinity…

ALR203 – Happy New Year

In the first variety show of 2020 the gang’s all here. Lloyd opines about resolutions, Pastor Bennett talks about contentment, Mia is shares ideas for new year plans, and Sgt. Bill talks about everyday carry.

ALR200 – 200thExtravaganza

Our 200th episode, recorded live with members of the Reformation Gun Club. Lloyd, Sgt. Bill, Mia, and Pastor Bennett look back at the past four years and are joined by special guests Bob Mayne (Handgun World podcast), Pastor Evan Goeglein (Table Talk Radio podcast), Kenn Blanchard (Black Man with a…

ALR198 – Time, Preparation, and a Rant

In the final variety show of 2019, Mia reflects on the importance of spending time with loved ones, Sgt. Bill shares tips for preparing for a new shooting season now that the current one is over, and Pastor Bennett rants about some unseemly social media posts following our show on…

ALR196 – Fourth Annual Christmas Gift List Show

On today’s variety show it’s our Fourth Annual Christmas Gift List episode, just in time for Black Friday shopping. Mia and Lloyd share gift ideas, Sgt. Bill shares some personal wish list ideas, and Pastor Bennett reminds us what’s really important in this coming season of giving.

ALR194 – High Altitude, World Champs, and Isaiah 49

On today’s variety show Mia has tips to help you avoid, recognize and deal with altitude sickness when hunting at high altitudes. Sgt. Bill has a rant about his experience at the IDPA World Championship, and Pastor Bennett discusses this week’s reading from Isaiah 49.

ALR192 – Elk Hunting, Reloads, and Guest Pastors

Lloyd is under the weather so Pastor Bennett hosts this special variety show. We bring you Elk hunting tips from Mia, tips for improving your slide-lock reloads from Sgt. Bill, plus content from guest pastors Gaven Mize and Willie Grills.

ALR189 – Forgiveness, the NRA, and Shooting Faster

On today’s variety show we have a new pontification from Pastor Bennett following the conviction of former Dallas PD officer Amber Guyer, Mia Anstine shares her experience from the NRA Women’s Leadership Summit, and we have a classic Ballistic Minute from Sgt. Bill Silvia.

ALR187 – Bring your Wife, Shoot Sooner, and Win the Debate

On today’s variety show we have tips from the cast. Pastor John Bennett discusses changing hearts and minds in the gun debate, Sgt. Bill Silvia has tips for shooting sooner (not faster), and we’re going back to a classic clip from Mia about how to share your love for guns…

ALR185 – Context, Practice, and Ricochets

In this week’s variety show Mia Anstine talks about gun safety and the dangers of ricochets, Sgt. Bill Silvia shares more tips from his preparations for the upcoming 2019 IDPA World Championship, and Pastor Bennett explores the context of this week’s Gospel reading for the 12th Sunday after the Festival…