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ALR284 – Vaccines and the Cross

Lloyd and Pastor Bennett respond to Wesleyan minister Ben Cremer’s tweet suggesting that Christians who oppose government mandates don’t understand the Cross.

ALR125 – Micah and the Methodists

In this special episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review the 2016 Resolution on Gun Violence from the United Methodist Church and it’s twisted interpretation of Micah 4:1-4.

ALR073 – A Peaceful Plethora of Pizza, Pop, and Free Parking

In this week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio Lloyd and Pastor Bennett take on a “sermon” from a Methodist church in Phoenix that is basically a political speech disguised as a sermon. Filled with bad statistics, horrible exegesis, and the suggestion that peace can be achieved with pizza, pop and…

ALR062 – By All Means, Save Some

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio we take on the illogical ramblings of a late Methodist Bishop who is chanelling his inner Joe Biden by suggesting that passing meaningless “gun safety” laws will save some lives. Plus tips from Sgt. Bill and Mia Anstine, and a lesson from the Book…