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ALR Episode 312 – Self-Defense, Ghost Guns, and Priorities

This week the gang’s all here for another variety show. Lloyd adds some thoughts to last week’s reaction to the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, Mia reflects back on our Easter episode, Sgt. Bill shares his thoughts on “ghost guns,” and Pastor Bennett discusses priorities.

ALR Episode 309 – He is Risen!

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Hallelujah! In this week’s Easter Sunday episode we are digging into the grooveyard of forgotten favorites to bring you Easter and Holy Week segments from years past. Featuring an interview with Pastor Evan Goeglein from Table Talk Radio, a Clinging to God &…

ALR Episode 304 – What’s the Best Construction?

In this week’s “Clinging to God & Guns” show Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect look at some recent crime stories and try to put the best construction on the actions of the perps and see what lessons we can learn. If any.

ALR Episode 303 – February Online Hangout

This week we are hanging out with members of the Reformation Gun Club to talk about the war in Ukraine, what this might mean for Taiwan, and we share recommendations for adult beverages. Lloyd is joined by Mia and Pastor Bennett, as well as Gun Club Members Dan Veldt, Daniel…

ALR Episode 298 – The First Variety Show of 2022

In our first variety show of 2022, Lloyd comments on the largest civil rights march in history, Bill offers tips for keeping your skills up during the ongoing ammo and primer shortage, and Pastor Bennett shares a story about panic porn and unreasonable fear.

ALR Episode 292 – The Final Variety Show of 2021

In this the penultimate episode of 2021, Lloyd comments on the advent season and reasons to rejoice in this world of sorrow and sadness, and Pastor John Bennett comments on happiness and despair during the Christmas season.

ALR Episode 288 – A Dish Best Served Cold

“An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,” right? How should we, as Christians, view the ideas of vigilantism and revenge; even as our human nature desires to see bad guys get what’s coming to them? Lloyd and Pastor Bennett respond to the case of the father…

ALR Episode 287 – Happy Reformation Day

Happy Reformation Day! In this week’s variety show episode, Lloyd comments on the parallels between the Reformation and our current political divide, Mia talks about how to equip your daughters to defend themselves when our schools won’t, Sgt. Bill is taking friends and new shooters to the range, and Pastor…

ALR Episode 285 – Bullies, USPSA, Wild Animals and the Question Why

In this week’s variety show episode, Lloyd comments on the recent shooting at a Texas high school, Sgt. Bill reviews the North Texas Regional USPSA Championship, Mia talks about wild animals and self-defense, and Pastor Bennett contemplates the age-old questions of why God allows bad things to happen to good…

ALR Episode 278 – Ask The Armed Lutherans #3

It’s a back-to-school special in our third installment of “Ask the Armed Lutherans.” The cast answer the question “What did you want to be when you were a kid and how/why did that change?” And we share advice for young people (and their parents) who are looking ahead to their…