ALR354 – Embrace the Suck

It’s a “Deep Thoughts with the Armed Lutheran” kind of episode as Lloyd shares life lessons from the range and the volleyball court.

ALR306 – Ukraine, Scenarios, and IDPA Rules

This week the gang’s all here for another variety show. Mia talks about preparing for self-defense scenarios, Sgt. Bill reacts to the new 2022 IDPA rulebook, and Pastor Bennett opines about the situation in Ukraine.

ALR283 – New Gun Owners, Culture Wars, and the National Championship

In this week’s variety show episode, Lloyd comments on the Biden administration’s plan to allow Americans to die in order to score political points against Republican governors, Mia has tips for those who are new to handling guns, Sgt. Bill is preparing for the IDPA National Championship in Colorado, and…

ALR269 – COVID lies, Gun Control and Texas IDPA

In this week’s variety show we discuss a couple of positive gun-rights news items, Sgt. Bill reviews his performance at the 2021 Texas State IDPA Championship, aand Pastor Bennett shares his thoughts on the latest revelations about COVID-19.

ALR225 – Freedom, Shooting Positions, and Doing the Right Thing

On this week’s variety show Lloyd gives an update on the show, Mia discusses freedom and the importance of the #Gunvote in November we celebrate the 4th of July, Sgt. Bill shares tips for moving into shooting positions in IDPA, and Pastor Bennett pontificates on doing the right thing, even…

ALR194 – High Altitude, World Champs, and Isaiah 49

On today’s variety show Mia has tips to help you avoid, recognize and deal with altitude sickness when hunting at high altitudes. Sgt. Bill has a rant about his experience at the IDPA World Championship, and Pastor Bennett discusses this week’s reading from Isaiah 49.

ALR138 – Government and Gun Control Revisited

This week Lloyd and Pastor Bennett take up an email from a listener who wants us to revisit the question of what Christians owe the government and whether limiting the tools available for self-defense and defense of neighbor is a violation of God’s Law. Plus tips from Mia and Sgt….

ALR93 – Fall Brawl and Ben Branam

In this week’s episode, we wrap up our IDPA season on the tailgate of Sgt. Bill’s truck at the Central Arkansas Shooters Association after the Fall Brawl Championship. Lloyd and Bill and Sgt. Mrs. Sgt. Bill talk about the match, the food, and shooting non-threats. And we finally get a…

ALR90 – Rick Ector: Man on Fire

Rick Ector was a family man. Good job. House on a corner lot. Didn’t drink. Didn’t party. Didn’t get into trouble. But one night trouble found him and changed his life forever. He describes himself as becoming a “man on fire,” soaking up knowledge about guns, gun rights, and gun…

ALR079 – Tarheel Road Trip

After a week off, Armed Lutheran Radio is on the road for this week’s show. Recorded while on vacation in North Carolina, Lloyd talks about growing up around guns, his experience at the NC State IDPA Championship, and tips for how to run a church shooting club event. Plus tips…

ALR065 – Saint Augustine Said What?

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect a sermon from 2012 by a Presbyterian pastor who based her sermon title on a bogus quote from Saint Augustine of Hippo and suggests that we are all sinners if we don’t vote for politicians who support gun control….

ALR060 – Babble on the Bayou

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, on the eve of the Battle on the Bayou, the Louisiana State IDPA Championship, Team Armed Lutheran sat down to talk about the upcoming match. And so much more.

ALR059 – Bringing Guns to Church

On this week’s episode we go back to the mailbag to answer some listener feedback, Sgt. Bill talks about his first IDPA match under the new rulebook, Aaron shares some important lessons we can learn from a recent incident in Weatherford, Texas, and Mia has an important self-defense tip for…

ALR051 – 2016 Year in Review, Part 2

In this first episode of 2017 we’re continuing our look back at the guests, the segments, the interviews and the fun that we had in 2016. It’s the final leg of our trip down memory lane as we discuss sin, the three estates, Black Lives Matter, the fourth commandment, gun…

ALR048 – Shooters Round-Table Redux

In this special episode of Armed Lutheran Radio, we talk about the proposed 2017 IDPA rules. Now that the 2017 IDPA Provisional Rulebook has been released we brought together another group of shooters including special guest Steve Koski (formerly of the GunDudes Podcast and now co-host of the Para-cast Podcast)…

ALR045 – Shooters Round-Table

On this week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we are doing something a little different. Lloyd is joined by a cast of IDPA shooters to talk about the 2016 IDPA season. Along the way we discuss favorite (and least favorite) matches, stages, funny stories, and then look ahead to 2017…