ALR372 – Instincts, Conservation, and Greybeard Actual

This week is a variety show with content from the cast. Mia discusses the role of hunting in conservation, Sgt. Bill reviews a book by Greybeard Actual “The Way is in Training,” and Lloyd shares thoughts on trusting your instincts when selling (or buying) a firearm.

ALR285 – Bullies, USPSA, Wild Animals and the Question Why

In this week’s variety show episode, Lloyd comments on the recent shooting at a Texas high school, Sgt. Bill reviews the North Texas Regional USPSA Championship, Mia talks about wild animals and self-defense, and Pastor Bennett contemplates the age-old questions of why God allows bad things to happen to good…

ALR276 – Awareness, Shooting Sports & Mental Health

In this week’s variety show, Lloyd talks about the outrage over olympian Simone Biles, Mia shares information about the National Shooting Sports Month, and Pastor Bennett extends the concept of situational awareness to the curriculum your children are being taught in public schools.

ALR242 – Tikka Rifles, Elections, and Developing Feel

On this week’s variety show we hear Mia’s rave reviews of the .270 Tikka T3x LITE Roughtech hunting rifle. Sgt. Bill shares tips for developing a feel for your handgun. And Pastor Bennett reflects on reactions to the outcome of the 2020 elections.

ALR234 – Carry Gear, Bear Hunting and Voting for Your Neighbor

On this week’s variety show Lloyd shares thoughts on the passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sgt. Bill talks about competing with your carry gear in IDPA. Plus we relive Mia’s hunting trip to Russia in 2016 and Pastor Bennett’s advice on our attitude toward voting from…

ALR228 – Instructors, Hunting, and Modern Iconoclasts

On this week’s variety show Lloyd draws parallels between the iconoclasts of the Radical Reformation and the current upheaval in the country, Mia talks about popular handgun calibers and hunting rifles, and Sgt. Bill talks about selecting firearms instructors.

ALR216 – Stay at Home or Else

On this week’s variety show Lloyd comments on the contradictory responses to the pandemic, Mia shares info about hunting opportunities during the pandemic, Sgt. Bill is talking about how he’s trying to stay prepared for the return of shooting season, and Pastor Bennett shares an Easter message in his pontification.

ALR179 – Pinatas and Gear and Bears, Oh My!

This week Pastor Bennett comments on a disturbing story out of Chicago where kids were encouraged to whack a Pinata shaped like an ICE agent at a party sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce. We go back to the grooveyard of forgotten favorites with a warning from Sgt. Bill…

ALR177 – Sweat, Stress, and the Seven Deadly Sins

The gang’s all here again after a couple busy weeks away! Mia has tips for dealing with stress when shooting, Sgt. Bill has been shooting in hot the Texas Summer and has tips for how to prepare and deal with the heat, and Pastor Bennett is back from his California…

ALR145 – Our Culture of Death

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says we live in a culture that celebrates death and that contributes to mass shootings. The media laughed him off and missed his larger point. Lloyd discusses the culture we live in and changes we could make to deter or prevent mass shootings and ideas where…

ALR96 – Amanda Suffecool of EyeOnTheTarget Radio

In this week’s episode we are joined by Amanda Suffecool, co-host and producer of “Eye On The Target Radio,” the newest member of the Self Defense Radio Network. Aaron shares tips for church safety in the wake of the Sutherland Springs shooting. Sgt. Bill is talking about Power Factor. And…

ALR95 – Dr. John Edeen of DRGO

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd speaks to Dr. John Edeen, a practicing pediatric orthopaedic surgeon and the Membership Director of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership (DRGO). Lloyd and Dr. Edeen discuss silencers, CDC research, and gun-free zones. Plus tips from Sgt. Bill and Mia Anstine.

ALR90 – Rick Ector: Man on Fire

Rick Ector was a family man. Good job. House on a corner lot. Didn’t drink. Didn’t party. Didn’t get into trouble. But one night trouble found him and changed his life forever. He describes himself as becoming a “man on fire,” soaking up knowledge about guns, gun rights, and gun…