He Gets Us

ALR394 – First Online Hangout of 2024

It’s our first Online Hangout of 2024 and Lloyd is hanging out with David Scott, Stuart Burt, Dan Veldt, Steven Clifford, Donny Ross, Guillaume Williams, and Curtis Heidel. The gang discusses the world’s greatest gun trade, Glock Shooting Sports, repairing a Remington Model 8, and the He Gets Us ad…

ALR392 – He Gets Us?

In this special, mid-week episode, Lloyd shares his thoughts about the “He Gets Us” ad campaign that aired during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. Is this a well-meaning conversation starter or is it something more nefarious?

ALR352 – Reflections on Lent

In this week’s show, as we kick off the season of Lent, Lloyd reflects on the Asbury revival and the “He Gets Us” ad campaign and we replay a classic Lenten Pontification from Pastor Bennett.