gun rights

ALR380 – Why Support Israel?

This week Lloyd is adding to his thoughts on the situation in the Middle East with a discussion of why we should be supporting Israel during this crisis and how it relates to the God-given right to armed self-defense.

ALR281 – Pro-Gun = Pro-Life

Today we are talking about a rather touchy subject that has many tongues wagging this week: abortion. Why do we mention it so much? And why does being pro-gun mean being Pro-Life?

ALR195 – The Rise in Anti-Semitism

The week is our Clinging to God & Guns Show and we are talking about the recent rise in anti-semitism and how we should think and respond as both Christians and as supporters of the 2nd Amendment.

ALR128 – My Gun is Not a Barrier to the Gospel

Is Christian support for gun-rights a barrier to the Gospel for those outside the faith? Lloyd takes on an article from a snarky East Texas progressive who thinks so. Plus tips from Mia, Aaron, and Sgt. Bill.

ALR126 – Where (Social) Justice and Peace Kiss

In March of 2018, progressive clergy held an interfaith press conference held at Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon, led by Augustana’s pastor, Mark Knutsen. Knutsen describes Augustana as a holy place where “justice and peace kiss.” That press conference launched the the “Lift Every Voice” campaign to gather signatures…

ALR117 – Never Call Police? What Could Go Wrong?

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd returns after surgery and joins Pastor Bennett to review a news story from a listener about a group of churches that are “divesting” from police services by pledging never to call police, even in cases of violent crime. Sgt. Bill has an after-action…

ALR075 – A Grown-Up Conversation about Guns

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd responds to shares some thoughts from James 3:1 in response to the Alexandria shooting, responds to some listener feedback, reviews the Canik TP9SF Elite (pronouncing it correctly in the process) and takes on an arrogant, elitist PhD in Clinging to God and Guns….

ALR066 – Holy Week and Handguns

Two events in the final week of the life of Christ are most often used on either side of the gun debate. Jesus tells his disciples in the Upper Room to sell their cloaks and buy swords, and later tells Simon Peter that all who take up the sword will…

ALR044 – Post-Election Round-Table

This week’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio is only our second round-table episode with our contributors. Sgt. Bill Silvia, Aaron Israel, and Mia Anstine join Lloyd to discuss the outcome of this year’s election, the reaction of the media and the protests, Trump’s policies in his first 100 days, and…

ALR006 – You Can’t Be Pro-Life and Pro-Gun

In this week’s episode, we take a critical look at a silly meme about the Oregon militia stand off, lessons from a Craigs List robbery gone wrong, and Pastor John Bennett joins us again for our Clinging to God and Guns segment as we debunk the notion that you can’t…

ALR003 – Bonus Interview

In episode 2 we interviewed Sergey Solyanik, the owner of Precise Shooter, a gun store in Seattle, Washington, who is dealing with that city’s new “Gun Violence Tax” on gun and ammunition sales. That interview was edited for time but the full-length interview covered a wide-range of topics beyond the…