ghost guns

ALR312 – Self-Defense, Ghost Guns, and Priorities

This week the gang’s all here for another variety show. Lloyd adds some thoughts to last week’s reaction to the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade, Mia reflects back on our Easter episode, Sgt. Bill shares his thoughts on “ghost guns,” and Pastor Bennett discusses priorities.

ALR311 – Twitter, Ghost Guns, and Abortion

In this week’s “Clinging to God & Guns” show Lloyd and Pastor Bennett look at some recent news stories and how they relate to the gun rights debate: Elon Musk buying Twitter, Ghost Guns, and news that SCOTUS is poised to overturn Row v. Wade.

ALR261 – The Gun Control Dog and Pony Show

In a longer-than-usual episode, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review President Biden-Harris’ gun control executive orders and debunk a pile of misleading stats, obfuscations, and outright lies.