ALR357 – Is Your Motivation Rational?

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! In today’s Easter Sunday episode, Lloyd follows up on last week’s commentary with a discussion of motivations. What motivates us to own and carry firearms? And, is that motivation based on reality or irrational fear?

ALR327 – A Random Act of Journalism

In this week’s show, Lloyd gives props to USA Today’s Amanda Perez Pintado whose article about a man arrested outside a Washington concert venue actually makes the point that the fear of mass shootings is not proportional to the actual threat.

ALR323 – Fear Itself

This week Lloyd is flying solo, discussing the fear that drives voters to support illogical and dangerous agendas (climate change, gun control, lockdowns, etc.) and how politicians, activists, and the media prey on that fear to achieve their goals.

ALR298 – The First Variety Show of 2022

In our first variety show of 2022, Lloyd comments on the largest civil rights march in history, Bill offers tips for keeping your skills up during the ongoing ammo and primer shortage, and Pastor Bennett shares a story about panic porn and unreasonable fear.

ALR139 – Living with Fear and Guns

Fear is a powerful emotion. Progressive Christians employ fear in two very contradictory ways to push their anti-gun agenda. We gun-owners should have no fear if we have faith and therefore we should not need a gun. And at the same time we should fear gun violence so much that…

ALR113 – Willful Ignorance and Irrational Fear

He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Happy Easter! In this week’s episode we talk about ignorance and fear and how it affects the current gun rights debate, we look at an article by a female pastor who decided to allow her irrational fear of guns and school shootings to…

ALR106 – A Wave of Fear

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dive back into Patheos.com to look at a 2013 article by Ellen Painter Dollar who suggests that fear is what motivates gun owners and as Christians we should have no fear…so we don’t need guns. Plus tips from Sgt. Bill…

ALR032 – Fear and Worry in Chicken Little America

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Bob Owens at Bearing Arms calls it “Chicken Little America,” a land where malls and airports go into panic mode because someone hears a loud noise. A Rutgers professor suggests that if gun violence has you worried, just turn off the news….