defending property

ALR376 – Sad Examples of Self-Defense (full version)

This full-length version of episode 376 includes over 25 minutes of exclusive content for Gun Club members. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are reviewing some self-defense stories from around the nation to see what important lessons we can learn. From defense of your own property, defending other people’s property, and shooting with your eyes closed, there’s a lot to un-pack. Plus a feel-good story about women and guns that busts the left’s myths about the dangers of women owning firearms.

ALR102 – What The Bible Says About Thoughts & Prayers

In our first episode of 2018 we talk about resolutions, we salute the folks at GunBlog VarietyCast Radio, we get tips from Bill, Aaron, and Mia, and then Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect the heretical ramblings of a “woke” Christian who says Christianity is not about prayer, it’s about action…