ALR392 – He Gets Us?

In this special, mid-week episode, Lloyd shares his thoughts about the “He Gets Us” ad campaign that aired during last Sunday’s Super Bowl. Is this a well-meaning conversation starter or is it something more nefarious?

ALR270 – Context is King

Context, context, context. Millions of Christians use proof texts to promote or defend preferred ideological positions, political movements, or worldviews. And most of those who do the proof-texting do it with little or no context. Lloyd and Pastor Bennett address a recent example from listener comments to help you recognize the…

ALR185 – Context, Practice, and Ricochets

In this week’s variety show Mia Anstine talks about gun safety and the dangers of ricochets, Sgt. Bill Silvia shares more tips from his preparations for the upcoming 2019 IDPA World Championship, and Pastor Bennett explores the context of this week’s Gospel reading for the 12th Sunday after the Festival…