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ALR258 – More Tips for Women, a Book Review, and Listener E-Mails

Armed Lutheran Radio is back after a week off and in this week’s variety show Mia shares more shooting tips for women, Sgt. Bill reviews Ben Stoeger’s new book “Practical Shooting Training” and Pastor Bennett answers listener questions about concealed carry in church, the Christian concept of vocation, and government…

ALR171 – Police Week and Listener Questions

This week on Armed Lutheran Radio it’s another variety show. Mia answers a listener question about concealed carry for women, Pastor Bennett talks answers a question about carrying in the pulpit, and Sgt. Bill talks about his experiences in Washington DC during Police Week.

ALR96 – Amanda Suffecool of EyeOnTheTarget Radio

In this week’s episode we are joined by Amanda Suffecool, co-host and producer of “Eye On The Target Radio,” the newest member of the Self Defense Radio Network. Aaron shares tips for church safety in the wake of the Sutherland Springs shooting. Sgt. Bill is talking about Power Factor. And…