ask the armed lutherans

ALR278 – Ask The Armed Lutherans #3

It’s a back-to-school special in our third installment of “Ask the Armed Lutherans.” The cast answer the question “What did you want to be when you were a kid and how/why did that change?” And we share advice for young people (and their parents) who are looking ahead to their…

ALR260 – Ask The Armed Lutherans #2

Today in Part two of “Ask the Armed Lutherans” each cast member shares their own story of gun buyer’s remorse. We answer the question “what’s the one gun you wish you had never spent your own money on, and why?”

ALR255 – Ask the Armed Lutherans #1

This week we have our first “Ask the Armed Lutherans” variety show where the entire cast answers the question: “What was the first gun you learned to shoot with and the first gun you bought for yourself?” Mia, Lloyd, Bill, and John share their own first gun experiences, fun stories,…