ash wednesday

ALR352 – Reflections on Lent

In this week’s show, as we kick off the season of Lent, Lloyd reflects on the Asbury revival and the “He Gets Us” ad campaign and we replay a classic Lenten Pontification from Pastor Bennett.

ALR160 – Ash Wednesday, Gun Safety, and Bad Laws

This week is another variety show with a training tip about gun safety from Sgt. Bill Silvia, Mia Anstine’s thoughts on the new, Draconian gun-control bills that have just passed the House of Representatives, and Pastor Bennett pontificates about Sin and the season of Lent which begins this week.

ALR109 – Thoughts on the Parkland School Shooting

Lloyd shares two thoughts on how Psalm 146 and Ash Wednesday relate to the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. Sgt. Bill shares lessons learned from a disqualification at his first sanctioned USPSA match. Mia shares a story of the dangers of being a good Samaritan. Aaron Israel shares some lessons…