ALR398 – The View On the Ten Commandments (Full Version)

Last week the women on the TV show “The View” discussed abortion and attempted to justify it based on the Ten Commandments and the fact that we allow war, capital punishment and guns. This full-length version combines episodes 398 and 399 and includes additional content exclusively for members of the…

ALR324 – Defamation, Gun Laws, Monkeypox and More

In this week’s Reformation Gun Club exclusive, Lloyd shares details about the upcoming book and discusses the latest gun-rights news: Alex Jones fined $4-million for lying about the Sandy Hook school shooting, the Parkland Shooter finally goes to trial, the Highland Park shooter enters a plea, Monkeypox is somehow a…

ALR318 – Contradictions, Social Media, and Standing for Truth

In today’s episode, Lloyd comments on the contradictions in the Leftist responses to this week’s events, Mia shares thoughts on social media safety, and Pastor Bennett is back from the recent district LCMS convention with thoughts about standing up for the truth.

ALR311 – Twitter, Ghost Guns, and Abortion

In this week’s “Clinging to God & Guns” show Lloyd and Pastor Bennett look at some recent news stories and how they relate to the gun rights debate: Elon Musk buying Twitter, Ghost Guns, and news that SCOTUS is poised to overturn Row v. Wade.

Episode 301 – Bounties, Beto, and Buying Guns

In this week’s Reformation Gun Club exclusive, Lloyd reacts to three gun-related stories from Slate, Mediaite, and MSN. Libs are concerned that fighting the Texas abortion law may undermine frivolous lawsuits, Beto O’Rourke is back and he wants to defend the 2nd Amendment, and gun sales fell off a cliff…

ALR281 – Pro-Gun = Pro-Life

Today we are talking about a rather touchy subject that has many tongues wagging this week: abortion. Why do we mention it so much? And why does being pro-gun mean being Pro-Life?

ALR156 – Steel, Shotguns and the Sanctity of Life

It’s our variety show week and Sgt. Bill shares tips for shooting steel targets, Mia reports on some really cool shotguns she saw at the 2019 SHOT Show, and Pastor Bennett shares his thoughts on New York’s new infanticide law.

ALR057 – Guns and Life

Liberal Christians like the Presbyterian Church want congress to pass more restrictive gun control because all life is precious and killing is antithetical to the will of God. But like Jesus’s call to take the log out of your eye before pointing out the speck in your neighbors, they fail…

ALR005 – Should Christians Carry Guns?

In this week’s episode we talk about Governor Chris Christie’s new definition of self-defense against the unborn and the parallels between being a gun owner and being a Christian. Sergeant Bill has tips on improving your reloads, and in our first Clinging to God and Guns segment, Pastor John Bennett…