10 commandments

ALR279 – Crime and the 10 Commandments, NY Style

We’ve made a lot of fun of “Florida Man” in previous episodes, but the truth is that “Florida Man” doesn’t hold a candle to “New York Man” when it comes to crime. While “Florida Man’s” exploits are bizarre and often hilarious, New York Man tends toward senseless violence. Today we…

ALR204 – Crime and the 10 Commandments

In this first Clinging to God & Guns show of 2020, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett are playing Crime and the 10 Commandments. We review crime stories from Oklahoma and Texas, try to determine how the Commandments apply and then Pastor Bennett counsels the perps and the victims.

ALR161 – More Crime and the 10 Commandments

In today’s episode we are playing more “Crime and the 10 Commandments.” Lloyd and Pastor Bennett look at a couple of interesting crime stories and discuss Castle Doctrine, forgiveness, and the Ten Commandments.

ALR157 – Praying the 10 Commandments

In this week’s Clinging to God & Guns episode we’re talking about praying the 10 Commandments and how considering the Commandments when you’re making big decisions can help you avoid major mistakes.