The Fifth Command (ePub)

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In “The Fifth Command” the convergence of unlikely allies sets the stage for an epic journey through a fantastical realm. Lewys, a struggling bard, finds himself entwined with an itinerant priest whose mission extends far beyond the ordinary bounds of faith. Their paths intersect with that of an Elven Huntress, forming a trio bound by destiny to rescue a Dwarven Prince. Their quest isn't merely to save a single life; it's a race against time to halt the wheels of a devastating war.

This gripping tale seamlessly blends the allure of a classic fantasy adventure with profound echoes of Biblical truths. In a world teeming with Elves, Dwarves, knights, and enchantment, Bailey crafts a narrative firmly rooted in Christian doctrine and teachings. “The Fifth Command” isn't just a journey through realms of imagination; it's a stirring exploration of faith, friendship, and the enduring power of redemption.

Includes the free reading guide for parents and group leaders.

Written for ages 12 and older.


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