1 Comment on "Clinging to God & Guns #252"

  1. Dallas Vammer | January 26, 2021 at 4:50 pm |

    Great conversation guys!
    I’d like to add a thought to the portion where you were discussing how it would be nice to have someone as a candidate who aligned with Trump’s policies but didn’t possess his belligerent and sometimes even seemingly vulgar behavior. The problem is, that very belligerence played a major part in why he was able to successfully enact his policies and be successful in today’s political and media environment. I highly doubt a “nice guy” like Mike Pence would be able to enact even a fraction of those policies as President Trump was able to. The “Good Guys” throughout history haven’t always possessed a squeaky clean persona, in fact they usually don’t, i.e. John the Baptist, Martin Luther, etc. The problem is, those guys come far and few between…

    Thanks for a great show and keep up the good work!

    Dallas Vammer

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