ALR030 – Why All Lives Matter

Do Black Lives Matter? Of Course They Do. All Lives Matter. In this episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we discuss how we should rightly think about the issue of life and race when it comes to violence, crime, and police work in America with Pr. Evan Goeglein of Faith Lutheran Church in Rogue River, Oregon. Aaron talks about developing tools for your self-defense toolbox. Sgt. Bill has a tip for how to zero your pistol. Mia talks about choosing guns for women. And we have a laugh at the expense of an Episcopal Pastor in Oregon who won an AR-15 in a raffle so he could turn it into a piece of anti-gun art.


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Special Guest: Pr Evan Goeglein
Evan Goeglein is the Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Rogue River, Oregon, and co-host for the long-running theological gameshow podcast Table Talk Radio. The Pastor joins me to discuss why all lives matter — black, white, and blue. We discuss God's gift of life, and how we should rightly think about the troubling issues surrounding violent crime, police shootings, and the lives of the criminals lost in those incidents.

Bad Pastor Breaks the Law He Supports
As you know, we enjoy poking fun at liberal Christians who allow their politics to define their faith. And often that drives them to justify support for gun control. An Episcopal pastor from Oregon decided to enter a raffle for an AR-15 rifle, spending $3000 of his own money, so he could turn the rifle into anti-gun art. The problem is that he unwittingly violated the Oregon Firearms Safety Act — the liberal Utopian ideal that requires a background checks on any and all transfers.

Ballistic Minute with Sergeant Bill
Can't hit the broad side of a barn with your favorite handgun? Sgt. Bill teaches us how to properly zero your pistols.

Aaron Israel of Fundamental Defense
Tools and toolboxes? Whenever a trainer uses one or both of these cliches, pay attention. Is he teaching you a useful technique or tactic, or is this just a poor explanation for something that will be of little value to you? Aaron discusses the idea of tools for different scenarios and situations.

Mia's Motivations with Mia Anstine
Mia Anstine discusses how to choose a gun for the woman in your life. Guys, they're not built like we are — and thanks be to God for that! So why do we think we can choose a gun for them? It has to fit, and every woman is different. Try before you buy.

Prayer of the Week
Almighty and everlasting God, who are always more ready to hear than we to pray and give more than we either desire or deserve, pour down upon us the abundance of Your mercy, forgiving those things of which our conscience is afraid and giving us those good things that we are not worthy to ask, except through the merits and mediation of Christ, our Lord; through the same Jesus Christ, Your Son, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

Our Closing Theme A rockin' rendition of A Mighty Fortress is Our God, performed just for Armed Lutheran Radio by Kenny Gates.