ALR227 – Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

In this long-awaited return of the Clinging to God & Guns segment, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett review some recent news stories and self-defense situations to glean some important lessons for responsible gun owners and gun-owning Christians.


  • [0:00] – Blooper
  • [0:17] – Show open
  • [0:43] – Welcome
  • [3:05] – Thanks to our Patrons
  • [5:19] – Introducing today's Topic
  • [5:46] – A Question from our listener, Dana
  • [6:39] – Citizens Arrest in Georgia
  • [14:13] – A Case of Police Brutality
  • [24:08] – Defending your Business
  • [27:44] – Ken and Barbie Do Home Defense
  • [37:51] – In Summary
  • [39:57] – Wrap-Up
  • [41:31] – Show close

Be sure to check out episode 85 “A Christian View of Home-Defense” for more on this subject.

Prayer of the Week

O God, whose never-failing providence orders all things both in heaven and earth, we humbly implore You to put away from us all hurtful things and give to us those things that be profitable for us; through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord. Amen.

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