ALR212 – Coronapalooza, Part 1

As the nation grinds to a halt as a result of the various government responses to the Coronavirus pandemic, Lloyd and Pastor Bennett consider how do we, as Christians evaluate the decisions made by our public officials in light of the second great commandment [Matt. 22:39]. Are these responses showing love for our neighbors or are they knee-jerk reactions that do more harm than good?

Listen for part two of this discussion in episode 213!

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  • [0:00] – Blooper
  • [0:32] – Show Open
  • [0:46] – Welcome
  • [1:11] – Introducing today's topic
  • [2:28] – Thanking our Patrons
  • [3:54] – Discussion begins
  • [5:20] – Luther on Good Government
  • [6:40] – Thoughts on China's role
  • [9:09] – The problem of government dictats
  • [11:04] – Specific government responses
  • [11:14] – Closing public schools
  • [13:24] – The South Korean approach
  • [14:32] – Stupid reactions by the public
  • [18:30] – Pastoral Prepping tips
  • [20:06] – Love your neighbor by isolating yourself
  • [22:25] – Banning large public gatherings
  • [25:59] – Ordering the closure of businesses
  • [31:22] – Law Enforcement threatening businesses
  • [33:44] – Man in Kentucky under House Arrest
  • [35:36] – Wrapping up and final thoughts
  • [36:30] – Show close

Prayer of the Week

Merciful Father, look with compassion upon our world. In the midst of fear brought about by the present epidemic, grant Your people comfort and assurance that You are in control of all things. Through this pestilence we pray that you would turn hearts toward You in repentance. We lift up to you all whose vocations place them in service to those who have been infected. Grant Your protection to our health care workers as they serve as Your hands of mercy to the afflicted. Be with all who are working tirelessly to develop a vaccine, that You would guide their work and grant them success in their efforts. Be with all who have contracted this virus, that You would comfort them in their hour of need. Safeguard us, our loved ones, and all who cry to You, that we may be defended from infection; and set our hearts at ease, that we may find in You an answer to all our fears. This we pray through Jesus Christ, Your Son, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

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