ALR208 – Gun Owners and “Gun Safety”

We're getting back to our roots in today's Clinging to God & Guns show as Lloyd and Pastor Bennett dissect and debunk an article from Written after the El Paso and Dayton shootings in the fall of 2019. The author contends that all gun owners have a moral obligation to support stricter gun laws and suggests that hate speech and a lack of support for gun control are valid reasons to deny a person the right to own a gun.


  • [0:00] – Blooper
  • [0:19] – Show Open
  • [0:32] – Welcome
  • [1:17] – Introducing today's topic
  • [2:09] – Thank you Patrons
  • [3:10] – Introducing the author
  • [4:10] – Discussion of rates of mass shootings
  • [4:43] – The ready availability of guns and stricter gun laws
  • [6:21] – Defining “mass shooting”
  • [7:51] – Root causes and the failure of the justice system
  • [9:54] – Blaming gun violence on mental health issues
  • [10:33] – Blaming gun violence on Trump
  • [14:12] – What are we suggesting if mental health is the issue?
  • [21:08] – Why we think tighter restrictions means giving up our guns
  • [23:51] – “Hate speech”
  • [25:32] – Other reasons you should not own a gun
  • [26:39] – Leaving guns where children can access them
  • [30:00] – What ifs
  • [31:25] – I'll give up my guns
  • [32:42] – Gun owners have a moral obligation to demand “gun safety” legislation
  • [35:19] – Real gun safety legislation
  • [36:02] – Having a gun in the midst of a mass shooting situation
  • [37:17] – If you oppose gun control, you are unfit for gun ownership
  • [39:10] – Thought crime and 1984
  • [40:33] – Final thoughts
  • [42:01] – Show close

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Prayer of the Week

O Lord, we implore You, mercifully hear our prayers, and, having set us free from the bonds of sin, defend us from all evil; for You live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

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