Giving Thanks

Every year at Thanksgiving we pause to consider what we are thankful for. I thought I would list some of the things on my list.

Happy Thanksgiving 2014

Once again, liberals are hoping you’ll ruin your holiday by talking about controversial political subjects over your Thanksgiving meal today.

A Thanksgiving Surprise from SAS Custom Holsters

Back in October I reviewed the OWB holster from SAS Custom Holsters. As I concluded then “I really wanted to like this holster…But it has one fatal flaw.” The flaw was the overly tight retention, which I hoped they would improve. When I got back from Thanksgiving in North Carolina…

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

I believe that God created me and all creatures great and small. God gave me body and soul, my mind and all my senses and preserves them, as well. God gives me a beautiful wife and wonderful children, family, friends, clothing and shoes, food and drink, house and land, and all that I own (including guns and ammo).