ALR Episode 31 – The Choice Before Us

In today’s episode of Armed Lutheran Radio we talk a lot about the Olympics, taking a training class, how to reduce administrative handling of your firearm, and we get a guest gun review from Jon Braaten. We’ll talk about the upcoming election and the difficult choice before us and we…

ALR Episode 26 – The Dallas Massacre

I was on vacation in North Carolina last week and had a “best of” episode planned. Then the massacre in Dallas happened. I share my thoughts on Dallas and the fraud of #BlackLivesMatter. Lessons on how to deal with police during a traffic stop. And thoughts on being a black…

What’s the End Game?

Its safe to say that what’s happening in America’s major cities, the riots, the scapegoating of police, the rise in crime, is not random. It’s happening to further a purpose. What’s the end game?

Disarmed and Unprotected

Baltimore is the latest proof of what we face as a nation if we give in to the idea that only the police should have guns to protect us. What happens to us when the police decide that “Serve and Protect” isn’t in their job description anymore?

Who Are You, and What Have You Done with Bob Owens?

A recent op ed in the LA Times reads like it could have easily been penned by the lunatics at Americans For Irresponsible Responsible Solutions: Why the Police Shouldn’t Use Glocks. This should be good, I thought.  Until I read the byline: Bob Owens of BearingArms.com.

Only Police Should Have Guns, Right?

We’ve all heard, at one time or another, the argument from the anti-gun crowd that private ownership of guns should be banned and that only police and the military should be allowed to have them. Recent news events provide us two outstanding rebuttals to that idiotic argument.

Learning From Our Elders

63-year-old Phyllis Law taught a couple of young whipper-snappers a lesson when they broke into her Pritchard, Alabama home on July 21. When Law heard someone breaking in her house she grabbed her gun, waited, jumped up and started shooting.

Sheepdogs and Sheep on the Road to Jericho

In a crisis, there are some who turn their backs and refuse to get involved. Or they watch, cellphone cameras at the ready, as their fellow citizens are in need. Psychologists call it the “Bystander effect.” Jesus spoke of this in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

Diane Feinstein, Anti-Gun Ghoul

In the wake of the Isla Vista, California killing spree by the insane, narcissistic son of a liberal Hollywood director, it took less than a day for the ghoulish voices of gun control to come out and wave the bloody flag.

An Added Benefit to Having a CHL

My friends have all warned me about the local police. Crime in the cities north of the metroplex are relatively crime-free, so cops don’t have much to do but to give people tickets, I’ve been told. Today I had my first run-in with the long arm of the law in…